Kerri J. Roe

Writer of light and dark,

Sometimes beauty, and sometimes snark.

Writing is in my veins. I would do it even if the only person who ever wants to see it is me. But sometimes, it is so rewarding to have other people like what has come from my pen.

I’ve been working on refining my writing through practice and through classes and critique groups, and it is really starting to pay off. In the last 24 (really, 18) hours, I’ve received an offer for one of my short stories, “Earth, Bonding” (a literary fantasy) to be published in an anthology edited by a well-known SFF writer. And then I received notification that my program director selected one of my poems to be included in a national contest. 

I am so, so incredibly grateful and excited that this is what I get to do, and that my words have meaning for others. What is meaningful in your life? What makes you throw your arms in the air in celebration? Please feel free to share.