Kerri J. Roe

Writer of light and dark,

Sometimes beauty, and sometimes snark.

Feisty Felines and Other Fantastical Familiars, an anthology of stories featuring those clever not-so-hidden sidekicks. Edited by Kevin J. Anderson and Allyson Longueira. Oh, and my story “Earth, Bonding” is in there! Preorders available now for the release on July 23, 2024!

Feisty Felines and Other Familiars cover featuring black cat, raven, and moon.

“I write so that the heart can speak.”

Kerri J. Roe is a Fantasy and literary Novelist, Poet, Essayist, and children’s writer who loves to explore the intersection between fairy tale and history, hope and heartache, and the nuances of relationships and love.

Works in Progress

Moving to Sunshine, the first in an entertaining humorous urban fantasy series about a reluctantly-reformed(ish) demon.

The Luminosity of Shadows, a romantic historical fantasy based on old Icelandic and Norse fairy tales.

Grandma’s Love, a lyrical picture book about the love between grandchildren and their grandparents.

My Heart Walks in Pieces, a chapbook of poetry that explores relationships, nature, loss, and hope.

Moving to Sunshine

“I literally laughed out loud so many times! I can’t wait to see what Bard the demon does next!” – Alpha Reader

Basalt columns off the shore of Vik, Iceland

The Luminosity of Shadows

“Your characters and themes are fantastic. Your descriptions of the landscape are gorgeous, as are your turns of phrase…the ethos of [The Luminosity of Shadows] had me hook, line, and sinker.” – Freelance Editor

My Heart Walks in Pieces

“It’s like Kerri’s writing says exactly what my heart is feeling.” – Beta reader

Grandma's Love

“This is perfect. I want a copy for all of my grandchildren!” – Beta Reader/Professional Editor

Laughter and tears are both beautiful things; they mean that, despite everything, your heart is holding on to the knowledge that life is still worth living.

– Kerri J. Roe

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